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The origins

Inhabited area already in Roman epoch, for the flourishing viticultures here installed, the Roero is however a divided land among the different working factions in Piedmont in the Middle Ages.
The Aleramicis, who in this land clashed with troops of Asti and Alessandria, possessed some castles scattered on the rocks.

Also the aleramico branch of the marquises of Saluzzo had some outposts in the zone.
The history of the Roero is connected with the history of the Casanes of Asti that dominated on these fortresses and imposed their name to this territory. Inside these casanes, particular influence had the family that gave the name to the zone, the family of the Roero.

Visiting Roero

  • Canale
  • Corneliano d’Alba
  • Cisterna d’Asti
  • Govone
  • Magliano Alfieri
  • Piobesi d’Alba
  • Santa Vittoria d’Alba
  • Vezza d’Alba
  • And so much more…
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