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The fertility of this land and the favorable position due to the streets of communication between the Ligure Sea and the Padana Lowland, made the Monferrato a contended region and uniform, particularly from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.
In the most favorable areas for the control of the territory, rose a notable series of castles, to a large extent expression of the feudal system of the powerful marquises of Monferrato: the dynasty of the Aleramis (X – XIV Century) followed by that of the Paleologis (XIV – XVI Century).
The dominion of the region was contended over time, by the communes and by the near dominions, even by the Republic of Genoa, by the Duchy of Milan and by the House of the Savoias.

VisitingĀ Monferrato

  • Asti
  • Canelli
  • Nizza Monferrato
  • Moncalvo
  • Casale Monferrato
  • Grazzano Badoglio
  • Mombaruzzo
  • Serralunga di Crea
  • And so much moreā€¦
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