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Abandoned in the splendid natural scenery of the Langhe, of which it is the historical and economic capital, Alba is a city rich in culture, history and traditions.

It is the ancient Alba Pompeia, so baptized by the consul Gneo Pompeo Strabone, but from origins surely preromane, rich of archaeological finds and testimonies of his glorious past.

The city enumerates among its citizens illustrious men, like emperors (among which the consul Publio Elvio Pertinace), law and history experts, ministers, but also modern entrepreneurs. Alba is known for its beauties, its curious foreshortenings, for its famous industries and for its gastronomic products, among which truffle and wine, sold all over the world today.

Visiting Alba

  • The Cathedral of San Lorenzo cent. XV
  • The Church of San Domenico cent. XIV
  • The International Alba White Truffle Fair
  • The musical reviews

The Langhe

A unique side of Italy that contains unrivalled excellences, often whispered only to ear as secrets from the gourmets middle world.

Here reigns Nebbiolo, with its noble children – Barolo and Barbaresco, protected by castles, towers and strengthened villages that bring us back to  medieval struggles and shines: wandering, salt’s merchants, captains of fortune, cruciform, Benedictine monks all have stamped on this ground, leaving an inheritance, a sign, a heritage.

But were the farmers, in centuries of work, who have modeled the hills in the breathtaking landscape that today opens to the eyes of the tourist.

Visiting the Langhe:

  • Barolo
  • Monforte d’Alba
  • La Morra
  • Grinzane Cavour
  • Sinio
  • Neive
  • And so much more…
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